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Mystic Faerie Tarot Kit

Mystic Faerie Tarot Kit

by Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

Faeries, Sprites and more in their lush gardens.
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Mystic Faerie Tarot
By Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

Are You Ready for an Adventure?

There are many Tarot decks available. Each can help you discover more about the past, gain insight into the present, and predict possible futures. But only one Tarot deck is a true adventure, filled with dramatic, intriguing and mystical stories while adhering to the traditional and familiar designs. That deck is the Mystic Faerie Tarot.

The box that holds Mystic Faerie Tarot comes to you with everything you need. It begins with a full-color, 78-card Tarot deck by famed fantasy artist Linda Ravenscroft. Every card is an elegant, evocative masterpiece filled with the mystery, magick and joy of the world of the fae. The included bag will safely carry and protect the deck. Finally, the book written by Tarot expert Barbara Moore reveals the concepts and symbolism of the deck so that it can be used by anyone: beginner, expert, or follower of faerie.

Enter the Garden
When you first look through the deck you will see that you have entered a garden filled with delightful faeries, mischievous elves, fanciful sprites and nimble nymphs. The faeries of this deck act as your guide to better decision making and achieving the life you'd like to live. The book is a road map to this garden.

Each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana is fully explained followed by a message the card has when used in a Tarot reading. Most Tarot decks focus on the Major Arcana, and this one is as filled with meaning and beauty as any. Many decks downplay the Minor Arcana, but this is an area where the Mystic Faerie Tarot excels, as each suit tells its own, emotion-filled story.

The Wands shares the triumphs and dangers faced by two faeries starting a new endeavor. For the Swords you discover the tale of the Blue Rose, the story of two young fae as they face a difficult fate along with their queen's attempt to save her people. Swords are represented by thorns on roses.

The Cups reveal a tale of the highs and lows brought on by love between a seemingly mismatched faerie couple. Cups are represented by the beautiful celandine blooms. And finally, the Pentacles show how industriously taking advantage of unexpected fortune can result in betterment for all.

Guidance for Everyone
If you're a beginning reader, the book includes all the instructions you need to give a reading. All Tarot readers will want to use the nine original, faerie-oriented spreads fully described here. Sample readings show how they work and a useful quick reference guide gives the meanings of all the cards at a glance.

This deck is ideal for beginners, for faerie lovers, and for parents who want to share the images and faerie stories with their children. It can be used by readers of any experience especially for issues dealing with the discovery of outside influences, questions of romance, spiritual healing, and the recovery of joy and happiness from sadness, loss, and despair.

This deck is truly the start of an entirely new dimension of Tarot. It follows the traditional symbols and patterns yet adds new stories, new concepts, new ideas that can spark your thinking in new ways. Mystic Faerie Tarot is the Tarot deck you must have.

The Mystic Faerie Tarot kit includes a 288-page book that introduces tarot and describes the major and minor arcana in detail. Perfect for beginners, you'll also find faerie-themed spreads to use, along with sample readings and a quick reference guide to the cards.

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