Pentacle Triple Moon Tarot Bag

Pentacle Triple Moon Tarot Bag

For tarot decks, crystals, runes, and more

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Pentacle Triple Moon Drawstring Bag

This stunning bag can be used to store and transport valuables of all kinds—jewelry, keepsakes, crystals, runes, pendulums, decks, and more. Featuring an intricate embroidered design, this is a perfect gift for tarot readers and collectors.

Treat yourself, and your most beloved possessions, with the care of a satin bag. Measuring in at 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm), this will fit most tarot decks. The beautiful design helps you focus positive energy as you place items inside or remove them from this bag. This is especially helpful when doing divination work. Take your cards, stones, or gems with you in this bag, and you'll certainly turn some heads.


  • Made from satin material
  • Measures 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
  • Satin cord drawstring closure
  • Embroidered design

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