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Wish Tarot Reading by Deana

Wish Tarot Reading by Deana

A 13 Card Spread For A Specific Wish to Reveal the Direction Your Wish Will Take.
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Wish Spread Reading

This is a 13 card spread that is used when you have a specific wish and will reveal the direction your wish will take.

You may type in your question, any feelings pertinent to your question and your birthdate in the message area of your order, or I can contact you for the information via email. - Deana
Your reading will be emailed to you

Hello, my name is Deana. I am here to guide you along the path of life and in the process hopefully give you insight about the way your personal path is heading today, and for the days to come. I have been reading tarot cards for over 12 years now, and have found them a special and useful tool of divination. I had my first experience with tarot years ago when a good friend offered to read mine. Out of curiosity I agreed and was surprised by what the cards relayed to me. They said that I had the ability to read them and should be doing readings for others. I didn't take it seriously then, and didn't own my first deck until four years later. Since then I have enjoyed reading cards for myself, my husband, our friends and clients here at 13 Moons.

My hope now is that I can guide those that seek personal knowledge and direction and show them the amazing possibilities Tarot can offer them.

I use the Osho Zen Deck, The Goddess Tarot Deck and the Juliet Sharman-Burke Deck. I choose the deck which I feel will speak best for you according to your question and the energy I feel from you.

I look forward to working with you very soon! - Deana

Please Note: There is No Shipping Cost ~ Each Reading Is Emailed to You.


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