Black Velvet Lined Bag

Black Velvet Lined Bag

Lovely lined drawstring bag

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Black Velvet Drawstring Bag
with Silver Lining

Our finely crafted black velvet bag with a silver lining has a drawstring closure. Each lush, velvety bag is designed to fill with your tarot, runes, gems and more.

Each bag measures approximately 5 x 8 inches and is made of velveteen a polyester/cotton blend.


  • Splendid for Runes, Tarot, Gemstones and more
  • Great pouch for small gifts
  • Standard Tarot Decks fit nicely
  • Black Bag with Silver Lining
  • Double Cord Drawstring
  • Cotton Blend resembling velvet
  • Lovely to Gift Jewelry Within
  • 5 x 8 inches 
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