Aqua Obsidian Crystal Ball, 30mm

Aqua Obsidian Crystal Ball, 30mm

Beautiful Aqua Sea Blue Sphere
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Aqua Obsidian Sphere 
with Display Stand

Beautiful Gazing Sphere

A natural form of volcanic glass, obsidian is created from quickly cooling lava. Most people associate obsidian with the darker, black stone, but it is also a clear aqua stone. Known as the Stone of Purity, it is said that aqua obsidian cannot be used for evil. Its ability to absorb negative energy makes this a useful gift for empaths and psychics. Also associated with the Throat Chakra, this is great if you have a fear of public speaking and helps calm anxiety.

Measures approximately 1.2 inches (30 mm). Includes display stand. Please Note: Stand may vary from photo.

Aqua Obsidian is known to:


  • Absorb Negative Energy
  • Aid with Grounding
  • Balance Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Amplify Harmony
  • Activate the Throat Chakra
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