3 inch Blue Crystal Ball

3 inch Blue Crystal Ball

Magic and art collide with this beautiful orb!
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Blue Crystal Ball
with Display Stand

Fidelity, Communication, and Truth all in one!

Our beautiful blue crystal ball is a funky take on a classic divination tool. You'll love looking through this blue orb, especially if you're working on communication, domestic harmony, or healing. Blue is associated with the throat chakra making this a great choice for anyone who feels like they've lost their voice. Signifying loyalty, the color blue brings a steadfastness and clarity to your divination.

Exquisite Blue Crystal Ball measures approximately 3.14 inches (7.9 cm).  Blue Lead-Free Crystal Sphere with 10% quartz crystal has low impurities, distortions, inclusions, and bubbles with high clarity. Very hard as well as scratch resistant. Each sphere includes a sphere stand and box. Please Note: Stand may vary from photo.

Blue is associated with:


  • Communication
  • Healing
  • The Throat Chakra
  • Peace and Tranquility
  • Focus
  • Astral Projection
  • Truth and Fidelity

Caution: Do NOT leave in direct sunlight. The magnifying effect of these spheres is strong, and can catch items aflame much like a magnifying glass.

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