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  1. Amethyst Chip Bracelet
  2. Aqua Aura Point Earrings Aqua Aura Point Earrings
  3. Black Obsidian Scrying Ball Pendant
  4. Black Tourmaline Chip Bracelet
  5. Carnelian Chip Bracelet
  6. Chakra Chip Bracelet
  7. Chakra Chip Earrings
  8. Chakra Tree of Life Pendant
  9. Clear Quartz Chakra Pendant
  10. Clear Quartz Point Earrings Clear Quartz Point Earrings
  11. Clear Quartz Scrying Ball Pendant
  12. Fluorite Double Point Pendant Fluorite Double Point Pendant
  13. Hematite Chip Bracelet
  14. Lapis Lazuli Chakra Pendant
  15. Opalite Chakra Pendant
  16. Opalite Chip Bracelet
  17. Rose Quartz Bracelet
  18. Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet
  19. Rose Quartz Point Earrings Rose Quartz Point Earrings
  20. Rune Pentagram Gazing Pendant Rune Pentagram Gazing Pendant
  21. Amethyst Point Earrings Amethyst Point Earrings
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  22. Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant
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  23. Sodalite Chip Bracelet
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    Sodalite Chip Bracelet
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Grid List

23 Items

Set Descending Direction