2 inch Fluorite Crystal Ball

2 inch Fluorite Crystal Ball

Great choice for luck, abundance, and fertility
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Fluorite Sphere with Stand

Exceptional Meditation Stone!

This striking crystal ball is crafted of Fluorite, also known as "the Genius Stone." The luxurious green color will make a wonderful addition to your decor. It is also associated with focus and concentration as well as truth seeking and alignment. This stone will be excellent for those seeking concentration, and makes a great gift for students.

Measures approximately 2 inches (50 mm). Each sphere is unique and will vary from the photos. Your Fluorite Crystal ball is not only exceptional but one-of-a-kind. Each Fluorite Sphere includes a display stand. Please Note: Stand may vary from photo.

Fluorite is associated with:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Centering and Alignment
  • Bringing Order to Chaos
  • Protection from Sickness
  • Seeing the Truth
  • Calming and Balancing Emotions
  • "Genius Stone"
  • Conscious Mind
  • Strengthening Thoughts
  • Healing Bones

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