Sea Glass

Sea Glass

For Dreams, New Beginnings, Moon, Sun, Elemental & Ocean Magic.
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Beach Gathered Sea Glass

Sea Glass, also known as mermaid tears, is found and gathered on beaches near the ocean. We offer various sizes and shapes of aqua, white-blue, blue-green, green and sea foam green sea glass. These are beautiful glass pieces touch by the elements transforming trash to treasures. The glass is naturally polished with the flow and ebb of salt water and sand blessed by the moon, sun, rain, winds, etc. are filled with energies for you to use in your Ocean/Sea and Elemental Rituals and Spells as well as jewelry making. I have lovely rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made with various sea glass that I love wearing or merely displaying throughout my home for ocean energy.

Sea glass looks lovely displayed singly throughout your home or place in a clear jar or glass and begin collecting and adding to your "sea jar". Carry in your pocket for meditation on what you need and desire.

The photo shows an assortment of our collection. The purchase is for one (1) piece of green, aqua, white, brown, or seafoam green sea glass. Various sizes and shapes; etchings and pits are naturally found in some of the pieces. 

Magickal Uses:

  • Dreams: Use in dream bottle or with dream herbs.
  • Ocean Elements and Energy
  • Throw Back to the Ocean to Attract what you are in need of
  • New Beginnings
  • Transformation

Sizes vary but measure approximately .5 to 1.25 inches. Assortment of colors. Photo shows a variety; Purchase is for one.


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