Tumbled Stones Q-Z

Q to Z Tumbled Gemstones for Ritual, Meditation & More. This is the most popular section for Gemstones! Select specific stones for your desires and wishes or select by color for magic and decor.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Fire Quartz Tumbled Fire Quartz Tumbled
  2. Quartz, Clear Crystal Tumbled Small Quartz, Clear Crystal Tumbled Small
  3. Quartz, Rainbow Tumbled Quartz, Rainbow Tumbled
  4. Quartz, Rose Tumbled Quartz, Rose Tumbled
  5. Quartz, Rutilated Tumbled Quartz, Rutilated Tumbled
  6. Quartz, Smoky Tumbled Quartz, Smoky Tumbled
  7. Quartz, Tourmalinated Tumbled Large Quartz, Tourmalinated Tumbled Large
  8. Rhodonite Tumbled Rhodonite Tumbled
  9. Ruby Tumbled Ruby Tumbled
  10. Sardonyx, Black Tumbled Stone Sardonyx, Black Tumbled Stone
  11. Shungite Tumbled Stone
  12. Sodalite Tumbled
  13. Sunstone Tumbled Stone
  14. Tigers Eye, Gold Tumbled
  15. Tigers Eye, Red Tumbled
  16. Tourmaline, Black Tumbled Tourmaline, Black Tumbled
  17. Unakite Tumbled
  18. Quartz, Phantom "Inclusion" Tumbled Quartz, Phantom "Inclusion" Tumbled
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  19. Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Ruby Zoisite Tumbled
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  20. Tigers Eye, Blue Tumbled
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Grid List

20 Items

Set Descending Direction