Lucky Hand Root Packet

Lucky Hand Root Packet

For Good Luck, Success & More
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Lucky Hand Root Packet

One small root in an envelope packet.

Variety of different "hand shaped" roots are within the packet; some may have a few fingers and some more. Lucky Hand Root is from a species of orchid. Known as an ingredient in the African-American Mojo Bags for the powerful energies of increasing gambling luck. Also known as Salep Root or Five-Finger Root (it is NOT Five Finger Grass).

Named as such because of the resemblance of a miniature hand from three to ten fingers.

Use For:

  • Success
  • Job
  • Lottery
  • Health
  • Love
  • Fast Luck
  • Money Drawing
  • Gambling Luck
  • Business
  • Good Luck
  • Employment
  • Protection
  • Travel
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