Leather Bag, Assorted Colors

Leather Bag, Assorted Colors

Limited Supply By Silver Willow

Crafted for protection of herbs, gems and more. Please select your bag size in the drop down menu.

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Leather Bag - Assorted Colors

Hand crafted by pagan crafter, Silver Willow. Each amulet/medicine bag is made one at a time and will vary from photo. Colors vary from whites to blues to browns, allow us to choose a color for you.

Sizes Medium: approximately 3.5 inches.  Each bag includes a long drawstring cord. You can easily wear as your medicine bag, hang in your favorite area, carry with you, loop around your belt, etc.

Use for:

  • Medicine Bag
  • Gemstones
  • Mojo, Gris Gris and Charms
  • Amulets and more.
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