Clay & Raku

Raku Bottles & Pottery Bottle Jars for the perfect vessel for your Brews! Various sizes, shapes and styles for you to safely store your oils, blends and perfumes.

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  1. Celtic Pentacle Clay Bottle
  2. Celtic Pentacle Raku Bottle
  3. Fairy Raku Bottle
  4. Forest Fairy Clay Bottle
  5. Gnome Mushroom Clay Bottle
  6. Gnome Mushroom Raku Bottle
  7. Griffin Raku Bottle
  8. Howling Wolf Clay Bottle
  9. Moose Raku Bottle
  10. Multi Skull Clay Bottle Multi Skull Clay Bottle
  11. Owl Clay Bottle
  12. Owl Raku Bottle
    Owl Raku Bottle
    Special Price $6.95 Regular Price $7.95
  13. Pan Clay Bottle
  14. Pan Raku Bottle
  15. Raven Clay Bottle
  16. Raven Raku Bottle
  17. Scarab Clay Oil Bottle
    Scarab Clay Oil Bottle
    Special Price $6.95 Regular Price $7.95
  18. Scarab Raku Oil Bottle
  19. Skull Clay Bottle
  20. Spider on Web Clay Bottle
  21. Spiral Goddess Clay Bottle
  22. Spiral Goddess Raku Bottle
  23. Spiral Skull Clay Bottle
  24. Stars and Moon Cat Clay Bottle
  25. Stars, Moon Cat Raku Bottle
  26. Sun and Moon Clay Bottle
  27. Sun and Moon Raku Bottle
  28. Tree of Life Clay Bottle
  29. Tree of Life Raku Bottle
  30. Unicorn Raku Bottle
  31. Wolf Paw Clay Bottle
  32. Wolf Raku Bottle
Grid List

32 Items

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