Ritual Brooms, Witches Besoms & Pagan Ritual Staff from 13 Moons. Brooms are traditionally used to cleanse, sweep away negatives and evils before ritual; for handfastings, weddings; and to hang at the entrance for protection, fertility and peace in the home. A staff is powerful for spells and rituals known for masculine energy, air and fire elements.

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  1. Besom for Health
  2. Besom for Love
  3. Besom for Luck
  4. Besom for Money
  5. Besom for Protection
  6. Cedar Broom
  7. Charming Witches Broom Charming Witches Broom
  8. Cinnamon Broom, 12 inch
  9. Cinnamon Broom, 36 inch
  10. Cinnamon Orange Broom
  11. Fireside Witches Broom Fireside Witches Broom
    Fireside Witches Broom
    Special Price $31.50 Regular Price $32.95
  12. Flaming Witches Besom Flaming Witches Besom
  13. Flaming Witches Whisk Broom
  14. Frankincense Myrrh Broom, 6 inch
  15. Hearthside Broom
  16. Lavender Vanilla Broom, 3 inch
  17. Lavender Vanilla Broom, 6 inch
  18. Maidens Hearth Besom
  19. Midnight Hearthside Broom Midnight Hearthside Broom
  20. Midnight Witches Whisk Broom
  21. Patchouli Broom, 12 inch
  22. Patchouli Broom, 3 inch
  23. Patchouli Broom, 6 inch
  24. Pentacle Besom with Crystal Pentacle Besom with Crystal
  25. Rose Broom, 6 inch
  26. Sandalwood Broom
  27. Witches Besom with Cauldron Chime
  28. Witches Harvest Besom Witches Harvest Besom
  29. Witches Midnight Sweeper Broom Witches Midnight Sweeper Broom
    Witches Midnight Sweeper Broom
    Special Price $39.99 Regular Price $43.95
  30. Wizard Hearth Besom Wizard Hearth Besom
  31. Alluring Witches Broom Alluring Witches Broom
    Out of Stock
  32. Bewitching Witches Broom Bewitching Witches Broom
    Out of Stock
  33. Enchanting Witches Broom
    Out of Stock
  34. Frankincense Myrrh Broom, 24 inch
    Out of Stock
  35. Frankincense Myrrh Broom, 3 inch
    Out of Stock
  36. Midnight Witches Besom Midnight Witches Besom
    Out of Stock
  37. Pentacle Besom
    Out of Stock
  38. Swift Sweep Witches Besom
    Out of Stock
Grid List

38 Items

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