Cinnamon Broom, 12 inch

Cinnamon Broom, 12 inch

Refreshing and Energizing Cinnamon

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Large Cinnamon Broom
Warm any space with the scent of cinnamon.

The power of cinnamon is known in many aspects of life. A typical trick of successful realtors is to have cinnamon sticks or incense to sell a house more quickly. Cinnamon rolls are known aphrodisiacs, and cinnamon tea is great for warding off the winter blues. This powerful scent is a great way to sweep negativity out of your space. A great, traditional gift for housewarmings, hand-fastings and weddings.

Each hand-crafted broom has cinnamon oil freshly added for its warm and inviting scent. To freshen your broom's aroma simply add more cinnamon oil. This broom measures approximately 12 inches (30.4 cm) and is a wonderful addition to your home.

Cinnamon is associated with:

  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Mars
  • Chakras: Root and Sacral
  • Luck in Games of Chance
  • Courage
  • Vitality
  • Sex Magic
  • Healing
  • Love Spells
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