Rose-Blush Enchantress Cloak

Rose-Blush Enchantress Cloak

Perfect for Ritual and Everyday Use

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The Enchantress Cloak With Hood

Charming fuschia cloak

Let the lovely texture of this Enchantress Cloak envelope you! With all the coziness of a warm hug, the downy softness of this fleece cloak are a dream come true. The biggest problem you'll have with this cloak is not wanting to take it off. Made to last, this cloak is useful for rituals and every day wear.

Each features fuchsia fleece with arm openings, hood, and throat clasps. A great choice for magical style, especially when wandering in the autumn chill. This cloak is fairly versatile and can be used for traditional festivals and ceremonies, but also for cosplay or costumes!

 Features of this Cloak:

  • 2XL: US size 18
  • EUR size: 44
  • Bust: Approximately 45.5 inches (116cm)
  • Waist: Approximately 38 inches (97 cm)
  • Hips: Approximately 48.5 inches (123 cm)
  • Neck opening: 24 inch circumference (61 cm)
  • Center of Chest to arm opening: 21 inches (53.3 cm)
  • Arm opening to end of wing: 7 inches (17.7 cm)
  • Length from collar to bottom: 47 inches (125 cm)
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