Hats & Socks

Get Your Witch On! Handmade Witchy & Wizard Hats - not just for Samhain! Striped Socks, Ouija Socks & Pentacle Socks. Flaunt the Witchy-You in Style!

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  1. Black - Orange Witchy Socks Black - Orange Witchy Socks
  2. Black - Purple Witchy Socks Black - Purple Witchy Socks
  3. Black - White Witchy Socks Black - White Witchy Socks
  4. Black Wool Witches Hat Black Wool Witches Hat
  5. Blue Wool Witch Hat Blue Wool Witch Hat
  6. Grey Wool Witches Hat Grey Wool Witches Hat
  7. Ouija Socks Ouija Socks
  8. Pentacle Socks Pentacle Socks
  9. Red Wool Witch Hat Red Wool Witch Hat
  10. Tan Wool Witches Hat Tan Wool Witches Hat
  11. Witch Hat
    Witch Hat
  12. Witches Flying Hat, Black
  13. Witches Flying Hat, Purple
  14. Wizard Hat, Tan
  15. Wizard Hat, White
  16. Wizard Hat, Brown
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Grid List

16 Items

Set Descending Direction