Black Singing Bowl, Large Set

Black Singing Bowl, Large Set

Calm your mind with the peaceful vibrations as the puja flows along this bowl

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Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl

Find healing with this ancient tradition

Welcome this beautiful bowl to your space. Used in rituals, meditations, and for healing purposes, Tibetan singing bowls are some of the most ancient spiritual artifacts. Crafted in India, each brass bowl is decorated with Tibetan symbols etched into the black accents. The symbols surround the outside of the bowl and appear inside as well, symbolizing our internal and external selves.

Each handcrafted bowl includes a wooden striker and a pillow to rest your bowl upon while using or storing. The harmonizing vibrations of this bowl make it a special addition to any sacred space. Bowl measures approximately 5 inches (12.5 cm) in diameter and 2.36 inches (3 cm) tall.

Tibetan singing bowls are used for:

  • Opening and Closing Rituals
  • Healing
  • Meditation
  • Cleansing Negative Energy

Pillow for bowl will vary.


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