Faceted Pentacle Crystal

Faceted Pentacle Crystal

Pentagon & Star Prism for Home & Garden
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Faceted Pentagon with Pentacle Crystal

Unleaded Egyptian 30mm Crystal


This unique five-sided crystal features a faceted pentacle (or star) within. 30mm faceted Unleaded Egyptian Pentacle Crystal perfect for your altar and sacred space. This is also a special gift for a friend who needs a bit of dancing light in their life. 

Your radiant crystal really adds flashed of dancing light to any decor for window and sacred space decoration. The pre-strung pendant measures approximately 1.18 inches (30mm).

Please note: This is clear; various colors show in different lightings and will vary from the photo.



  • Unleaded Egyptian Crystal
  • Measures 30 mm (1.18 inches)
  • Top Drilled
  • Pre-Strung; Ready to Hang
  • Unique Sun Catcher
  • Great Gift
  • Sparkling Light for any space
  • Use in crafts


Please Note: Pre-strung; open package carefully.

Purchase is for one (1) faceted crystal.

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