Deluxe Matrix Prism Crystal

Deluxe Matrix Prism Crystal

Beautiful flashes for Home & Garden

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Deluxe Faceted 3-D Pear-Shaped Crystal
Unleaded Matrix Crystal

This lovely faceted 3- D matrix crystal really sparkles in most any light. This crystal is clear and various colors will show in different lighting which may vary from the photo.

Add to any window, garden or sacred space for a bit of festive decor. This is a unique choice to hang in your garden to attract woodland spirits and enhance your atmosphere. You can also use faceted crystals to remedy Feng shui issues that require a way to spread the chi energy evenly.

You will love this as a gift for yourself. Also great to give a friend to add a bit of dancing light into their life.

The pre-strung pendant measures approximately 2.83 inches (72mm).


  • Unleaded Matrix pear shaped crystal
  • Measures approximately 2.83 inches (72 mm)
  • Top drilled
  • Pre-strung and ready to hang
  • Unique sun catcher
  • Sparkling light for any space
  • Use in crafts
  • Use for Feng shui

Please Note: Pre-strung, open package carefully. Purchase is for one (1) faceted crystal.

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