Morrigan Raven Stained Glass

Morrigan Raven Stained Glass

Lovely and Unique Deco

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Pentacle Interwoven with Raven

Stained Glass for Wall Hanging or Window Sun Catcher

The Goddess Morrigan is an amazing shapeshifter, she often becomes the Raven and flies forth with her powers. She is represented here by a Raven interwoven with a Pentacle. The body and wings of the raven have beautiful gold-yellow art work within the black glass. Lovely colors radiate out from the Raven and Pentacle giving you an admirable Sun Catcher.

Permit the Morrigan - Raven to help you focus, overcome obstacles before you as she keeps your secrets and provides you with Protection along with the Pentacle. 

Allow this unique art to hang in your sacred room, outside area or your favorite window. Great Magical Gift also!

Crafted of Stained Glass, each measures approximately 6 inches in diameter and includes a chain for ease of hanging for display.

The Raven is associated with Magic, Shapeshifting, and Creation. Long has the raven been associated with keeping secrets, and as such is often regarded as a totem animal that is great when one is seeking wellness, wisdom and intelligence. 

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