Buddha Meditation Statue

Buddha Meditation Statue

Buddha in Pose of Fearlessness

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Abhaya Mudra
Buddha Statue

Ceramic Buddha statue painted with gold sits in the mudra pose. This pose is associated with a constant striving towards enlightenment. As well, it is also known as the Pose of Fearlessness just after his phase of enlightenment.

His left hand is held flat in his lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation. This hand position symbolizes the union of method and wisdom, samasara and nirvana, and also the realizations of the conventional and ultimate truths.

As opulent as the gold, representing royalty and the attainment of success, this Buddha shares an eternal gesture of blessings. Allow him to sit in a sacred space in your home or office to reflect upon and meditate with.

In seated position Buddha is approximately 3.75 inches high and 2 inches wide.


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