The Druid Statue

The Druid Statue

Representing Protection & Love of the Wild

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The Druid
by Ruth Thompson

The Druid is from the Arcana Series by Ruth Thompson exploring the incarnations of magic. The Druid illustrates the Celtic approach to natural magic with the Horns of Cernunnos, the Torc, Holly and Mistletoe to the Horned Moon and Celtic Tattoos he wears to his black raven and wolf.

He approximately 10 1/2 inches tall, 5 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches deep

Details of this Captivating Arcana: The Druid Statue:

The Druid stands before an archway which is adorned at the top with Gold Dragons, each of which end in Celtic Design. Within the archway are Runes from the top to almost the bottom of each side.

The Antlered Druid Lord appears to gaze into your eyes as he is poised underneath the arch. A large Raven with outstretched wings rests behind the Lord's antlered crown. The Lord has long flowing hair, with a long braid draping in the front. His flowing hair appears to merge into his cloak.

His arm muscles and abs are distinct even as he is casually poised. His chest and abdomen are artistically adorned with Celtic tattoos. The cloak is tied by a gold ring which matches, in color, the torc around his neck. His pants are handpainted a light gold-green and a gold belt-sash drapes across from hip to thigh.

The Lord gently holds a fox in the crook of his left arm; while in his right hand he grasps Holly and Mistletoe. Behind his legs at the base of the arch, rests his ever-ready companion, the wolf.

On the back in Runes and English, along with the artist name at the base a poem sits;

"To the Garden, The World, Anew Ascending,
Potent Mates, Daughters, Sons, Preluding,
The Love, The Life of Their Bodies,
Meaning and Being, Curious, Here
Behold My Resurrection, After Slumber,
The Revolving Cycles, In Their Wide Sweep,
Have Brought Me Again, Amorous, Mature
-- All Beautiful to Me - All Wondrous. My Limbs,
And The Quivering Fire that Ever Plays
Through Them, Fore Reasons, Most Wondrous.
Existing I Peer and Penetrate Still,
Content with The Present - Content with the Past.
By My Side Or Back of Me, Eye Following
Or In Front And I Following Her Just the Same. - Walt Whitman


  • Bas Relief Statue
  • Druid Lord, Protector of the Forest
  • Extraordinary Detail
  • Great Gift for Personal Decor or for Friends
  • Cold Cast Resin with Bronze Powder
  • Hand Painted Finish
  • Measures approximately 10 1/2 inches tall, 5 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches deep

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