Hecate Bronze Statue

Hecate Bronze Statue

by Maxine Miller
Rich in Detail & Symbolism
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Goddess Hecate

by Maxine Miller

Maxine's Hecate Statue crafted of Cold Cast Bronze is very rich in detail and symbolism. The Goddess Hecate Statue measures 13 inches from torch tip to base and is approximately 4 inches wide at the base. She stands about 10 inches from head to toe.

Goddess Hekate:
  • Goddess of the Three Paths
  • Goddess of Witchcraft
  • Queen of the Night
  • Goddess of the Cross Roads
  • Guardian of the Household
  • Protector of the Newly Born.

Here she is depicted standing on a crossroads with her torch, birthing knife and two Greyhound Companions.

Hecate, a divinity of the Underworld and companion of Persephone, is called the queen of night and the goddess of the cross-roads; her three faces are turned towards as many directions, and her name was shrieked at night at the cross-roads of cities. She is often seen bearing torches, and it is with them that she killed Clytius in the course of the Gigantomachy. Hecate is regarded as supreme, both in Heaven and in the Underworld, and it is said that Zeus calls upon her whenever any man on earth offers sacrifices, and prays for favor.

On becoming the ruler of the universe, Zeus did not deprive Hecate of the privileges concerning earth, heaven and sea that were her share when the Titans ruled the world before him, but she keeps them just as the division was in the beginning.

This goddess, a night-wanderer, is credited with wit-depriving spells, reminding those of Pan or the CORYBANTES, but also with power: It is Hecate, some believe, who bestows wealth and grants advances to those whose prayers she receives favourably. Similarly, the outcome of war and victory in games may depend on her, who grants glory to whom she pleases. And to those who work at sea, she gives great catch or takes it away, if that is her will; likewise, concerning herds, she increases their number from a few, or reduces it to be less, following her own will. Hecate, who is regarded as nurse and overseer of the young, is also said to have a part in judgements, when these take place; and in assemblies, she distinguishes whom she will.

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