Herne Lord of the Forest

Herne Lord of the Forest

Horned Lord of the Forest
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Herne Statue
with Wolf and Deer

Herne, the Great Hunter and Lord of the Forest haunts the woods of old and new. You can find him causing mischief on local hiking trails to this day!

Legend of his wild hunts come to us from the ancient forests of England. Shakespeare writes of him in The Merry Wives of Windsor. He is associated with Cernunnos, the Celtic Lord of Fertility, Life, Animals, Wealth and The Underworld.


Herne the Hunter and Forest Lord stands bold with a deer on his right and a stalking wolf on his left. His crown has balanced antlers and there is a snake winding around his neck draping down his chest. His arms are graced with decorative armbands and his waist is covered with a fur pelt wrap. The Hunter holds a small bow and a horn. The Forest Protector and his friends are on the forest floor which is the perfect base for your Herne statue.

  • Measures approximately 11.75 inches tall x 6 inches wide
  • Weighs almost 4 pounds
  • Cold Cast Bronze (resin with bronze powder)
  • Hand Painted details
  • Unique and Beautiful Decor for Home, Sacred Space and a Gift
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