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Charcoal & Sand

For safely burning herbs and candles, we offer sand for your vessels in a wide variety of colors. Charcoal is offered here for your herb and resin burning and elegant tongs for tending your charcoal burning rituals

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  1. Black Sand
  2. Blue Sand
  3. Charcoal Three Kings Large 10 pack
  4. Charcoal Three Kings Regular 10 pack
  5. Gold-Brown Sand
  6. Green Sand
  7. Orange Sand
  8. Pentagram Tongs for Charcoal
    Pentagram Tongs for Charcoal
    Special Price $4.25 Regular Price $4.99
  9. Plain Tongs for Charcoal
  10. Red Sand
  11. Swift-Lite Regular Charcoal 10-pack
  12. Triple Moon Tongs for Charcoal
  13. Triquetra Tongs for Charcoal
  14. Turquoise Sand
  15. White Sand
  16. Yellow Sand
    Yellow Sand
    Special Price $1.50 Regular Price $2.50
Grid List

16 Items

Set Descending Direction