Feathers for Smudge

Feathers are sacred tools used in Smudging Ceremonies. We offer you a variety of hand painted Feathers as well as bright colored Turkey Quills for your sacred rituals and ceremonies.

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  1. Black Feather
  2. Blue Feather
    Blue Feather
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  3. Cooper Hawk Feather
  4. Crow Feather
  5. Eagle Feather
  6. Eagle Feather Mini
  7. Female Red Tail Hawk Feather
  8. Golden Eagle Feather
  9. Great Horned Owl Feather
  10. Great Horned Owl Feather Mini
  11. Green Feather
  12. Hen Feather
  13. Mature Red Tail Hawk Feather
  14. Purple Feather
  15. Red Feather
  16. Red Tail Hawk Feather Mini
  17. Rooster Feather
  18. Smudger - Healing Secret 5 Feathers
  19. Snow Owl Feather
  20. Snow Owl Feather Mini
  21. Vulture Feather
  22. White Feather
  23. 13 Moons Prayer Feather
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  24. Black Hen Feather
    Out of Stock
  25. Female Red Shouldered Hawk Feather
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  26. Raven Feather
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Grid List

26 Items

Set Descending Direction