Myrrh Resin

Myrrh Resin

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Good Earth Scents - Resin Incense

The use of Myrrh dates back centuries and has long been used by the ancient Egyptians. Myrrh Resin comes from the Commiphora myrrha tree and is extracted by piercing the bark of the tree and returning later to collect the nuggets of dried sap. As an incense, Myrrh can lead to rich and rewarding meditation (especially introspection). It is used to heal personal sorrow and to connect with those that have passed on.

Myrrh is sacred to the Great Mother, whether she is called Mary, Isis, or Binah. It is an herb of the ancient Goddess, especially in her aspect as “She Who Mourns” and who hears the cries of the mourning. True to Myrrh’s reputation as a funerary herb, these pieces are sometimes called “tears.”

Magickal Uses:

  • Protection
  • Consecration
  • Aids in Meditation
  • Purifies
  • Lifts Vibrations
  • Increases Powers of other Incenses
  • Relaxing
  • Blessings
  • Funeral Incense
  • Honor the Dead
  • Healing
  • Peaceful

To Use: Light Charcoal, place in flameproof container, place a bit of resin on charcoal. Add more as needed.

Resin Incenses are the original incense of temples, churches and ancient rites and have been used all over the world for thousands of years.

This product contains one ounce of Myrrh Resin Incense.

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