Ornate Charcoal Burner Set

Ornate Charcoal Burner Set

A lovely accent for your home, office and altar!

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Decorative Brass Burner With Screen & Coaster

for Chrcoal Incense Burning

Your three-piece charcoal burner set includes brass burner, screen and wood coaster. This is a very attractive set for home and altar to safely burn your charcoal incenses.

Features of Your 3-Piece Burner Set:

  • Brass Burner with Etched Designs and Borders
  • Removable Brass Top Screen
  • Wood Coaster to safely rest your Burner and protect your table surfaces
  • Brass & Black Contrast give you an elegant burner
  • Burn Your Powder & Resin Incenses on Charcoal
  • Burn EZ Burn Incenses directly in the pot or on sand
  • Measures approximately 2 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide 

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