Pentacle Incense Burner

Pentacle Incense Burner

Handpainted Pentacle Plate for Incense Burning
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Pentacle Wooden
Incense Burner

Lovingly painted Pentacle Incense Burner. Each is handcrafted in India and hand painted for your celebrations and ceremonies. The round plate style burner measures approximately 4 inches in diameter. Designed to hold incense sticks (up to 9) and has brass insert in each hole as well as cup holder on the outer edge to hold your cone incense.

Unique style and design! Whether for home or sacred space, you are able to burn one type of incense or several to create an aroma blend ambiance.

Please Note: They are handpainted and the painting will vary as well as the color of the wood.Great gift idea!

Measures 4 inches and is economically priced, nicely made and great for gift giving.

Each is handmade in India, please allow for slight variances from photos.


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