Celtic Peace Necklace

Celtic Peace Necklace

for Peace, Relationships & Harmony
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Celtic Peace Necklace

Inspired by the intricate artwork of Celtic designs, this amulet represents the intertwining of the ancient Celtic peoples. Wear it as a symbol of the peace within oneself, in one's relationships with others, and to promote universal peace and harmony.

In the center of this design is a Triskele; a three pointed Celtic Knot - an Ancient symbol that helps bring Peace into your life.

The Three points of the knot symbolizes the unity of Body, Mind, and Spirit necessary for the Attainment of Peace. It helps bring the acceptance of one's Fate and the understanding of life's process of Birth, Growth, and Death necessary for the attainment of Peace. Peace can be defined as a condition of "tranquility;" a command of emotions that keeps a person calm in the midst of excitement or danger.

Peace is also a state of mind; when one knows that all one has is all one needs. This realization helps to achieve a balance of thought, word and deed.

Surrounding the Triskele is a Perfect Circle entwined with swirling Celtic Knotwork resulting in a Talisman symbolizing the three fold aspect your individuality held within the spiraling arms of eternity, with the unity of the circle binding all as one.

Each double-sided Celtic Peace Pendant is handcrafted in the U.S. by skilled artisans. Crafted of the highest quality, lead-free Excelsior Pewter, it measures approximately 1 3/8 inches in diameter and includes an adjustable black cord included.


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