Double Triquetra Pendant

Double Triquetra Pendant

Great price for traditional style in sterling silver!
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Celtic Triquetra Pendant

.925 Sterling Silver

The admired Celtic Triquetra Design.... interlaced double design. Discover the continuous flowing art of the Celts in this exceptional piece.

Made of high-polished Sterling Silver and given emphasis with the double interweave of the trinity design. Measures approximately 3/4 inch with a 5/16 inch bail.

Your Celtic Triquetra Pendant a chain; style of which will vary.

The Triquetra is a triangular Celtic design which symbolizes all trinities. The intricate weave of Celtic work symbolizes the flow of the life and the life force. These beautiful double trinity knot, or triquetra, earrings will forever remind you of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead!

The Triquetra has many meanings, the most common are Unity and Protection.


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