Epona Celtic Horse Pendant

Epona Celtic Horse Pendant

Celebrate Power, Freedom & More
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Celtic Horse Epona

.925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Throughout ancient times, the horse was the most Sacred and Honored of creatures. Thought to be a bridge between the Material and Spiritual Worlds: the horse represents an intuitive bond between the two realms. The trust between the rider and horse was considered a Divine Marriage, and it was common to let the horse wander freely, leading the rider to an adventure of Destiny.

Epona is the Gaulish name for this Goddess who has many other names and titles. The Welsh call her Rhiannon; the British form is Rigantona: Great Queen. Also associated with the Faery Queen, She is still celebrated in the Hobby Horse dancing at the turning of the seasons. Celebrate Epona during your Solstice Celebrations.

Epona is known as the Goddess of

  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Fertility
  • Joy
  • Abundance

The Epona Horse Pendant is crafted of sterling silver, has a large bail suitable for most chains and the horse measures 0.79 inch (20 mm). This item includes a chain; style of which will vary.


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