Danu by Abby Willowroot

Danu by Abby Willowroot

by Abby Willowroot

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Danu Pendant from the
Goddess Design Collection
By Abby Willowroot

Abby's Goddess Jewelry Collection is designed to portray and honor the goddesses.

Danu is the mystical Goddess of the Faery Folk, the Tuatha De Danann. Danu showed extreme compassion to the faery folk, helping to nurture a tired and battered group back to health. She recognized the spiritual and magical nature of the faeries and chose to share her magical gifts with them.

Danu celebrates nature, artistry and spirituality. She can be found where the faeries are dancing beneath the moon in sacred groves and faery circles.

The Goddess Danu Pendant celebrates the magic of the Faery world. Shown with her robes flowing around her and her hair flying free, this is a perfect pendant for any Priestess or devotee of the faery folk.

Includes free cord or chain. Measures approximately 1 3/8 inches high. Made of lead-free pewter.

Each of Abby's jewelry pieces are made in California, U.S., with care and skill. Each one is made with the finest materials, positive intent, careful craftsmanship and great energy, everything a fine wand deserves, a fine piece of jewelry deserves... and more importantly... Everything You deserve!

Special Order: Will ship from Willowroot's Studio separate from other items you may purchase. Shipping Cost included. p>Please Note: International orders: Please allow 3 - 7 days for pendant to be made and shipped to our warehouse. If you ordered other items, they will be held and shipped at the same time as pendant.

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