Hecates Key Pendant

Hecates Key Pendant

The Goddess of the Crossroads for Rebirth & Transformation by Mickie Mueller

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Hecate's Key

Designed by Mickie Mueller

Hecate is the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads. The key itself is her symbol, as she is an opener of paths. The other symbols from top to bottom are as follows. Her emblem is the labyrinth-like Hecate Wheel at the top of this key. She has three faces, because she sees the ways before us, and may illuminate our choices, but will not choose for us, she is a bearer of the torch of life. The pomegranate is also her symbol as a fruit of the underworld. The bit of the key at the bottom also mimics the three paths at the crossroads.

Crafted with fine 925 sterling silver. This item includes a chain; style of which will vary.


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