Luna Moon Goddess Pendant

Luna Moon Goddess Pendant

From Abby's Moon Goddess Collection to celebrate Cycles, Magic, Power and Psychic Skills. Shipping Costs Included.
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Luna the Moon Goddess Pendant
By Abby Willowroot
by Abby Willowroot

This unique wearable sculpture is cast from 100% lead-free pewter. Luna, the Moon Goddess Pendant is perfect for use on your journey of awakening.
Includes free cord or chain. Measures approximately 1 1/2" x 2".

Each of Abby's wands and jewelry pieces are made in California, U.S., with care and skill. Each one is made with the finest materials, positive intent, careful craftsmanship and great energy, everything a fine wand deserves, a fine piece of jewelry deserves... and more importantly... Everything You deserve!

Ships directly from Willowroot's Studio.

The moon holds within her the totality of the feminine experience. The visible cycles of the moon mirror those of a woman - maiden, mother, and crone. The crone, like the moon, contains the knowledge of the others before it. Therefore, the moon’s connection with superstition and fear of the dark is but a reflection of the dark old crone who can foretell death and whose age makes her both venerated and feared.

The moon is considered a luminary, but she produces no light of her own accord. She is reliant upon the sun’s light to mirror her image to our earthly eyes. As a mirror that reflects the light of the sun, so too the moon reflects the mystery and fear within our souls. The mirror of the moon illuminates both the darkness of the night, our shadow part and the blue day sky, our conscious selves.

Luna represents psychic skills and the powerful magic of women's cycles and seasons. Luna, the Moon Goddess Pendant is a perfect piece for meditation. It can be use when visualizing, creating and manifesting change and for illuminating magical and wondrous possibilities. Luna’s flowing hair is adorned with a glistening crescent moon - her eyes closed as she explores her shadow self. The spiral adornments on her breasts celebrate the dynamic, eternal feminine energy and its ongoing change.

Each is made of Lead-Free Pewter:
A metal alloy, pewter is primarily composed of tin. Although lead was previously used in pewter our jewelry is 100% lead-free, using antimony and copper in the alloy. Pewter is thought to bring good luck to its wearer.

Each of the elements found in the alloy bring their own unique qualities to the pewter.

TIN is a shapeable, highly crystalline, silvery-white metal. Its crystal structure causes a "tin cry" when a bar of tin is bent (caused by crystals breaking. Being ruled by Jupiter puts tin in connection with breath, and is viewed by some as the breath of life. Tin is weaker when standing alone than it is when combined with another alchemy element just as a person is stronger when joined with others.

ANTIMONY is a metalloid although it resembles metal in its appearance and physical properties. As such it doesn’t chemically react as a metal. Antimony’s elemental alchemy symbol represents the wild nature that exists in all of us. Wearing pewter jewelry that contains antimony serves as a reminder of the animal power within.

COPPER is a reddish-colored metal, with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper artifacts, including ancient mirrors, dating back to 8700 BC have been found. Copper is associated with the goddess Aphrodite and with Cyprus – which was sacred to the goddess. It is also associated with the planet Venus bringing such characteristics as love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic excellence.

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