Thurisaz Rune Pendant: Defense

Thurisaz Rune Pendant: Defense

Thor: Giant: warnings for temptation and evil acts.
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Thurisaz Rune Pendant

Thurisaz: (TH: Thu-Ree- says: Thor or giant.) The ancient meaning of the Thurisaz Rune is that of Giant or Devil. In the modern day the Thurisaz meaning is concerned with temptation, evil acts as a warning, defense and good power

Each handmade pendant is crafted from Naturally Shed Deer Antler which is collected from the forest ground. Carine hand cuts each and smooths to a soft finish then carefully carves the rune by hand. The pendant varies in size from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches. Each includes an adjustable black cord.

Antler bones are natural and may vary in color from the photo. Each is handmade and you will receive a personal, unique Thurisaz pendant.


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