Psychics Ring

Psychics Ring

Enhance your innate Psychic Powers

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The Psychic's Ring

Every one of us has Psychic Powers, extrasensory abilities that can extend our experience and insight to the world. We depend upon these abilities even without realizing it, using intuition to make decisions, making 'lucky' guesses.

These talents can lie dormant until they are developed through practice or strengthened by the use of Ancient Magical Symbols. The Symbols on this ring come from "The Black Pullet," an Ancient book of Magical Talismans and Symbols. The Magical Symbols on our Psychic's Ring "gives discernment for good or bad intentions of any person."

The magick symbols on the ring enhance your innate Psychic Powers. Use these powers carefully:

  • Clairvoyance: see clearly
  • Clairsentience: feel or sense clearly
  • Clairknesis: to feel angels or spirit guides around you
  • Intuition: attain information without making an effort to know about it
  • Channeling: the process of receiving messages from Spirits
  • Precognition: know the future
  • Aura Reading and more

Crafted of .925 Sterling Silver in the USA. Original design by Qrys Bennett; Copyright 01/01/2009. Measures approximately 1/2 inch at the widest.

Please select your ring size from the drop down menu. Ships from the artists, please allow 1-3+ weeks to make and for delivery.  Most are made and ready to ship; others may take 3+ weeks for delivery.

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