Owl Harmony Lava Locket Pendant

Owl Harmony Lava Locket Pendant

Experience Aromatherapy & Calmness


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Owl Pendant with Harmony Ball
and Lava Rock Ball

Owls, associated with Goddess Athena, are known for Wisdom, Intuition and Keen Observation.

This lovely crafted Owl Locket Pendant opens to hold a harmony ball or a lava rock ball.

You may use the Lava Stone with your Owl Locket by placing a few drops of your favorite oil on the porous rock which allows the scent to diffuse. Place the stone within the locket and close. You should be able to wear for a couple of days before adding more oil.

The Harmony Ball with its calming inner chime bell can be placed in the locket to achieve comfort and calmness.

Harmony Lava Locket Features:

  • Calming with the Harmony Ball
  • Aromatherapy with the Lava
  • Pregnant women use the harmony ball for peace and wellness
  • Exquisite design
  • Perfect Gift for Friends, Family and yourself!
  • Measures approximately 1 1/2 x 1 inch
  • Includes 32” chain
  • In a Small Gift Box
  • Silver Plated Copper Pendant

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