Golden Jojoba Carrier Oil, 1 ounce

Golden Jojoba Carrier Oil, 1 ounce

Great for skin care and rituals for love and healing.

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Jojoba Base/Fixed Oil

Simmodsia chinensis

100% Pure and Natural Golden Jojoba Carrier Oil which is Farm Cultivated. Use for massage, oil blends, hair products as well as for rituals and spells for love, beauty and healing! 1 ounce of All Natural Jojoba Oil in amber bottle.

This is a favorite carrier oil for skin, scalp, magick blends and perfume oil blends!
Jojoba is a moisturizing oil for all skin types; leaving your skin smooth; especially nice for dry skin types and aids in repairing/restoring elasticity.
Can be applied directly to skin and scalp.
Non-oily Non-greasy; quickly absorbs into the skin.

As with all oils safe for skin, do a small patch test on inner arm 24 hours prior to using to make certain no irritation occurs.

Cold Pressed Extraction from the Jojoba "Simmodsia chinensis" Shrub Seeds.

Keep in cool, dark area for long shelf life. Very stable oil retaining antioxidants even after long storage time.

Magical Uses:

Jojoba is associated with The Moon and Water Element. Use for oil blends and in spells for Love & Healing.

Features & Uses for Skin & Hair:

  • Very nourishing for your skin and hair = Healthy Hair and Soft Skin!
  • Keeps your skin moistuirzed all day
  • Add to dry hair for shine
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Add to bath water for natural bath/skin care
  • Massage into scalp to prevent dandruff
  • Non-comedogenic (will not block pores)
  • Antimicrobial and Antifungal properties
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory may aid in eczema, dryness, itching and more
  • Similar to your natural skin oils than other vegetable oils
  • I have used this while in the sun for natural tan and less burn; it is SPF4 (more so for already tanned skin, darker, bronzed skin tones); and with Vitamin E helps keep your skin from dehydrating. May also aid in sunburns
  • Because of the Vitamin E; aids in minimizing the appearance of scars
  • Spread evenly and well as well as absorbs
  • Sustainable farmed - no pestisides or GMOs
  • Add to hair conditioner or use as is for conditioning your hair
  • Remove Makeup; even your eye makeup as non-irritant to eyes (but don't put in your eyes!)
  • Provides all day moisturizing
  • Natural Moisturizer (add a few drops to your regular facial moisturizer for outstanding moisturizer!)
  • Great Massage Oil
  • Carrier Oil for Essential Oils
  • Use in Cosmetics Such as: Bath Oils, Balms for Skin, Lotions & Soaps

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