Misting Sprays

Misting Sprays for naturally cleansing and purifying a room or spell specific! You can mist yourself, your sacred space, and any area of your home or office. Many prefer to use the more subtle aroma of hydrosols than incense or a smudge stick. Easy to tuck in your tote or purse to carry with you and no smoke to disturb others when used! Made of essential oils!

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  1. Blessed Protection Misting Spray
  2. Blessed Sage Misting Spray
  3. Come Hither: Attract and Compel Come Hither: Attract and Compel
  4. Dragons Blood: Good Fortune Spray
  5. Easy Street: Money Draw Spray
  6. Karma Kleaner: Spiritual Cleansing Spray
  7. Keep Calm and Lavender On Spray
  8. Love Drawing Spray
  9. Money Drawing Spray
  10. Ninja Power: Protection Spray
  11. Palo Santo Misting Spray
  12. Ritual Mist Spray
  13. Road Opener: Remove Obstacles Spray
  14. Sage and Lavender Misting Spray
  15. Smudge Spray: Sage and Rosemary Spray
  16. White Sage Clearing Spray
  17. Attraction Spray
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  18. Palo Santo Clearing Spray
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  19. Protection Spray
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Grid List

19 Items

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