7 Drops of Love Pheromone Oil

7 Drops of Love Pheromone Oil

Draw Love from either Sex!
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7 Drops of Love Pheromone

For Love and Passion!

The 7 Drops of Love is a potent pheromone oil that will help attract the love you seek or deepen your connection and intimacy of a new relationship. Conjure up some much needed romance and,passion!

These oils are also known as ritual oils and are used for a variety of love spells. They work especially well when you used to anoint a pink, white or red candle. They can also be used to anoint statues, mojo bags, worn as a perfume or added to your bath.

7 Drops of Love can be used for:


  • Drawing Love - Either Sex
  • Strengthening Affection
  • Rekindling Romance
  • Rekindling Love
  • Luck and Success in Love and Romance
  • Passion
  • Ritual Oil
  • Body Oil Conjure Oil
  • Perfume

1/3 fluid ounce (9.6 ml) Roll On Pheromone Perfume/Body Oil with Herbs.

Pheromones excreted from an individual can trigger a social response.

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