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Brass Pillar and Taper Holder

Brass Pillar and Taper Holder

Unique, Stylish Design!!
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Brass Pillar Holder

Our Brass Pillar Candle Holder has been a popular candle holder with our customers for 20 years! The crafted pillar holder is of a brilliantly unique design that is rooted within a classical elegance of traditional styling.

Our candle holder has been crafted to hold a variety of candle sizes, from slender taper candles to 1 1/2 inch diameter pillars to larger pillar candles of 4+ inches in diameter. This accomplished with a chalice-shaped design that widens in stages to support narrow taper candles by its base and pillar candles by its wide mouth. The entire brass candle holder measures only approximately 3 inches tall and has a felt-coated base to keep it from slipping.

You will love the elegance of this brass pillar holder for your Pillar Candles! This ingenious design allows your candle to liquefy in the bowl and continue burning, without the wax spilling over the edge.


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