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by Poppy Palin

The Definitive Guide to Living and Working with the Unseen
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A Psychic Handbook
by Poppy Palin

SpiritWalking is the Definitive Guide to Living and Working with the Unseen. Drawing together the wild craft of the shamanic practitioner and the wise counsel of the medium or psychic, Spiritwalking takes the reader through a practical course in becoming an effective, empathic spiritwalker, one who can look beyond our physical existence in order to effect positive change.

This original 'how to' manual that will enable you to deal with:

  • Unwanted psychic intrusions
  • Balancing inharmonious energies
  • Welcoming in benevolent spirits that can work with you for the good of all

Highlights of Chapters:

  • The Re-membering: Our true spirit-nature, energies & the seen/unseen
  • Spirited Souls: The nature of spirit energy
  • Know Yourself Inside & Out: What is truly ours
  • Receivers & Transmitters: Current Level & Inherent type of pyschism
  • The Psychic Highway Code: Practical course in vital psychic protection
  • Getting Connected: Plug in to the Source via 'entering the silence'
  • The Unseen Highway: Unseen levels of existence, nature, purpose & Problems
  • There's No Place Like Home: Build a safe place to work from. Introducing the trance journey
  • A Friend Indeed: Meet companion spirits
  • Stepping Out Together: Receive accurate guidance from companion spirits...
  • And much more!

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