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We have taken away your frustration of searching for each item needed for a Ritual! We carefully, after years of working on each set, have assembled the components essential for each Ritual Kit we offer in this collection. From simple candle and stone rituals to the deluxe sets for House Blessing and Sabbat Celebrations, all that is needed is you and your energy!



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  1. Attraction - Prosperity Blessing Candle Set
  2. Beltane Candle and Stone Set
  3. Calming - Inner Balance Blessing Candle Set
  4. Dreams, Wishes, Miracles Blessing Candle Set
  5. Financial Growth - Stability Blessing Candle Set
  6. Health - Healing Blessing Candle Set
  7. House Cleansing Smudge Kit
  8. Imbolc Candle and Stone Set
  9. Jinx Removing Blessing Candle Set
  10. Job - Business Blessing Candle Set
  11. Litha Candle and Stone Set
  12. Luck - Opportunity Blessing Candle Set
  13. Lughnassadh Candle and Stone Set
  14. Mabon Candle and Stone Set
  15. Ostara Candle and Stone Set
  16. Pet Blessings Candle Set
  17. Samhain Candle and Stone Set
  18. Samhain Magick Crate Samhain Magick Crate
    Samhain Magick Crate
    Special Price $62.99 Regular Price $79.99
  19. Spell Breaker Blessing Candle Set
  20. Success - Happiness Blessing Candle Set
  21. Vision Quest Blessing Candle Set
  22. Yule Candle and Stone Set
  23. Yule Celebration Altar Set
  24. Beltane Magick-Crate
    Out of Stock
  25. Ostara Magick-Crate
    Out of Stock
    Ostara Magick-Crate
    Special Price $39.99 Regular Price $49.99
  26. Samhain Altar Set Samhain Altar Set
    Out of Stock
  27. Yule Candle and Bell Set
    Out of Stock
  28. Yule Magick Crate
    Out of Stock
Grid List

28 Items

Set Descending Direction