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Beltane Magick-Crate

Beltane Magick-Crate

An Inspiring Set for your Beltane Celebrations and Rituals!
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13 Moons' Beltane Celebration Altar Set

Beltane Magick Crate from 13 Moons. All your tools for celebrating May Day!

Beltane is primarily a fertility festival, with Nature enchantments and offerings to wildlings and Elementals. The return of full-blown fertility is now very evident. The powers of elves and fairies are growing and will reach their height at Summer Solstice. Celebrants sometimes jump over broomsticks or dance around May Poles, both as symbols of fertility. Bonfire leaping and horn blowing are other forms of traditional celebration. Weaving and plaiting are traditional arts at this time of year, for the joining together of two substances to form a third is in keeping with the spirit of Beltane. This Sabbat represents the Union of the God and Goddess, the Sacred Marriage, all new life, and fertility for all living things.

We have collected items and tools for your Celebrations during Beltane.

Features of your Beltane Altar Set:

  • Handmade Beltane Ritual Candle
  • Brass Pillar Candle Holder for your Beltane Candle
  • Altar Candles: Two (2) Pink and Two (2) White 6 inch Candles
  • Four (4) Star Holders for Altar Candles
  • 2 inch Crystal Ball with Stand
  • Green Goddess & Moon Phase Altar Cloth
  • Triquetra Altar Bell
  • Triquetra Altar Tile
  • Forest Cone Incense
  • Brass Incense Burner
  • Selenite Crystal Point Wand
  • 1 Natural Green Calcite Stone (for use in meditation and to place upon your altar)
  • 1 Natural Quartz Point (for use in meditation and to place upon your altar)
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