Jinx Removing Blessing Candle Kit

Jinx Removing Blessing Candle Kit

Handmade candles for removing jinxes and hexes.

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13 Moons Jinx Removing
Blessing Candle Kit

A set of two votives made with quality wax and essential oils known for removing jinxes, uncrossing, spell breaking, banishing and removing hexes. Allow our hand made candles to aid you in centering and meditating on what you need removed in your life.

The 13 Moons' Jinx Removing Blessing Candles are made with oils known for removal of negatives, jinxes, spells, etc. Use our candles to aid you in your  jinx removing spells and rituals.

Your set includes:

  • One yellow votive made with patchouli and cinnamon essential oils.
  • One black votive made with frankincense and orange essential oils.
  • Basic instructions for use.

Burn time is approximately 15 hours per votive. Made of paraffin wax with cotton wick.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick to .25 inch and burn in appropriate candle holder.

Please Note: Color pigments may vary slightly in each batch made: Color of candles may differ from photo.


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