Coventry Candles

Blessed Herbal Candles & Affirmations & Witch's Brew: Hand poured when the moon is right to help you make Magic Happen! For over 20 years the makers have been hand pouring their Candles when the moon is right, in a sacred space with added blessings. The more than 24 unique blends address any need one may encounter in the journey through life.

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  1. Angel Affirmation Candle Angel Affirmation Candle
  2. Bitch Be Gone Candle
  3. Blessed Herbal Attraction Love Candle
  4. Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance Candle
  5. Blessed Herbal Energy and Will Candle
  6. Blessed Herbal Happiness Candle
  7. Blessed Herbal Happy Home Candle
  8. Blessed Herbal Healing Candle
  9. Blessed Herbal Heart Candle
  10. Blessed Herbal Inner Balance Candle
  11. Blessed Herbal Loves Enchantment Candle
  12. Blessed Herbal Money Draw Candle
  13. Blessed Herbal Needed Changes - Banishing Candle
  14. Blessed Herbal Problem Solving Candle
  15. Blessed Herbal Prosperity Candle
  16. Blessed Herbal Protection Candle
  17. Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing Candle
  18. Blessed Herbal Stability Candle
  19. Come to Mama Candle
  20. Everything and Then Some Candle
  21. Fast Cash Candle
  22. Flying Monkeys Candle
  23. Forever Mine Candle
  24. Healing Affirmation Candle Healing Affirmation Candle
  25. It Sucks To Be You Candle
  26. Love Affirmation Candle Love Affirmation Candle
  27. Makin Tracks Candle
  28. Outta My Way Candle
  29. Poof! Candle
    Poof! Candle
  30. Red Stilettos Candle
  31. Shut Your Mouth Candle
  32. Soul Mate Affirmation Candle Soul Mate Affirmation Candle
  33. Tornado Alley Candle
  34. Votive, Dragons Blood Witchs Brew, 6 of
  35. Votive, Original Witchs Brew
  36. Votive, Witchs Brew Evil Eye
  37. Votive, Witchs Brew Evil Eye, 6 of
  38. Votive, Witchs Brew Original, 6 of
  39. Votive, Witchs Brew Witchs Purse
  40. Votive, Witchs Brew Witchs Purse, 6 of
Grid List

Items 1-40 of 47

Set Descending Direction