Pyramid Candle Green

Pyramid Candle Green

For Money Work, Wealth & More
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Green Pyramid Candle

Pyramid candle is known for power, money, success and more with the sacred geometry of the pyramid form.

Long burning Ritual Pyramid Candle measures approximately 3 x 2 inches with a pleasant cherry scent. Use for spiritual use or burn as unique style pillar candle for any celebration. Full color throughout not covered over white.

For Spell Work:
Write your petition on a piece of paper and place under the candle. Light daily until results are obtained. Count your blessings each time you light your candle.

Green Pyramid Candles are widely known for Money. Also use for:
  • Element Earth Work
  • Keep Money you Have & to Grow It
  • Health
  • Strength
  • Draw Money Quickly
  • Success
  • Fast Luck
  • Animals
  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Abundance
  • Balance
  • Herb Magic
  • Wealth
  • Prosperity
  • Good Luck
  • Renewal
  • Physical Matters
  • Rid Jealousy & Greed

Please burn your candle in a flameproof holder. Trim wicks to .25 inch for safe, long burning. Do Not Leave Burning Candle Unattended. 

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