Image Candles

Image and Human Candles, used similar to poppets, represent a person, animal or specific condition to work. Many like to work with image candles as they find it easier to focus on their intent and personalize to their specific spellcrafting.

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  1. Adam and Eve Lovers Candle Black
  2. Adam and Eve Lovers Candle Pink
  3. Adam and Eve Lovers Candle Red
  4. Adam and Eve Lovers Candle White
  5. Black Cat Candle Black Cat Candle
  6. Cat Candle Red
  7. Couple Candle Black
  8. Couple Candle Red
  9. Couple Candle White
  10. Female Figure Candle Beeswax
  11. Female Figure Candle Black
  12. Female Figure Candle Green Female Figure Candle Green
  13. Female Figure Candle Pink
  14. Female Figure Candle Purple
  15. Female Figure Candle Red
  16. Female Figure Candle Reversible
  17. Female Figure Candle White
  18. Female Figure Candle Yellow
  19. Holy Death Santa Muerte Black Candle
  20. Holy Death Santa Muerte Red Candle
  21. Knob Black Candle
  22. Knob Green Candle
  23. Knob Pink Candle
  24. Knob Purple Candle
  25. Knob Red Candle
  26. Knob Reverse Candle
  27. Knob White Candle
  28. Male Figure Candle Beeswax
  29. Male Figure Candle Black
  30. Male Figure Candle Blue
  31. Male Figure Candle Green
  32. Male Figure Candle Pink
  33. Male Figure Candle Purple
  34. Male Figure Candle Red
  35. Male Figure Candle Reversible
  36. Male Figure Candle White
  37. Cat Candle Green
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  38. Knob Blue Candle
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  39. Knob Gray Candle
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    Knob Gray Candle
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Grid List

39 Items

Set Descending Direction